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If you require a full-service typing company that delivers accurate and speedy results, there’s only one name you should know: CS Typing and Transcription Inc. We’re proud to offer multidimensional transcription and computer typing services to an extensive range of clients.

Regardless of whether it’s for personal or corporate needs, we’ll type up just about anything. From voice-to-text conversion to typing up a handwritten document, we always have you covered. Plus, we have quick service times and affordable rates. What could be better?

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No-obligation Quotes On Typing And Transcription

Once you get in contact with us and send us your files, we’ll be able to assess the amount of typing work needed. From there, we’ll gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote that outlines the overall cost, so you know exactly what to expect. Then, once the details are agreed upon, we’ll get straight to typing. When you work with us, the process of getting started is smooth and simple.

Comprehensive Voice-to-text And Digitized Typing Services

At CS Typing and Transcription Inc, we work hard to provide our clients with a seamless typing service. We always work quickly and meticulously, but if you need a rush order done, just let us know. Depending on the size of the job, we can get it done for you the same day.

Navigating audio files with technical jargon, and different accents and dialects, we’re fully prepared to work outside the box to get you that voice-to-text conversion. Plus, if you have handwritten forms and papers, we can have those typed up for you as well.

A Full-service Online Typing Company

We’re confident that we’re certainly one of the best online typing companies on the web today, and we’re willing to prove it to you. We offer full-service typing for both personal and commercial use, and we typed up with the highest level of accuracy.

We have experience with all the following:

  • Manuscripts
  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Contracts
  • Research papers
  • Miscellaneous audio files
  • … and much more!

Fast, Detail-oriented Typists

Our highly professional team of typists is both fast and detail-oriented, with a level of accuracy to be desired by all. They have been carefully screened and trained to be able to provide a top standard of excellence and precision to our clientele. Not only this, but we have specialists for every kind of typing work. We’re sure to get the job done exactly to your specifications and requirements, and what’s more, we’ll have it delivered back to you without delay.

Affordable Professional Typing

When you choose us for the job, there is no need to choose between quality and affordability. With us, you receive professional, prompt typing work done for more than reasonable rates. We’re proud to provide such an accessible service to people all around the world.

The Most Dependable Online Typing Service

Get in touch with CS Typing and Transcription Inc for efficient typing services that you can depend on. You can expect nothing short of quality when you enlist our service. Get a quote today.

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