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Services offered

  • Recordings TRANSCRIPTION
  • Audios of lectures, meetings, dramas, etc. TRANSCRIBED
  • Dictations and hand drafts changed to text
  • Copy TYPING

Copy Typing Services

The cost of copy typing varies according to the readability of your document and any additional work that needs to be undertaken. The rates will be higher if major editing needs to be done. If the task only involves simple retyping from a clear document then the cost will be lower. Excellent grammar and spelling are also among the skills that a copy typist must possess. Always look for native language speakers rather than outsourcing overseas to countries in which English may be a second or third language. One of the most important skills that a copy typist must have is her typing speed.

Transcription Services

Transcription service involve a different kind of typing work. However, in this type of work, the audio file rather than a hard copy document is transcribed into a typed file instead. Transcription task is more complicated than copy typing.

Transcription is far more complicated than copy typing because the former involves:

1) Dialogues and Technical Jargon

It is more difficult for to understand the dialogues when you are listening than reading. Sometimes the dialogues in audio files are very technical, making it hard for the transcriber to understand. In some cases the exchanges of dialogues are not very clear, making it difficult to interpret. It may require a transcriber to listen to the audio recordings several times in order to come up with an accurate interpretation.

2) Accents and Dialects

Understanding of accents is also one of the major difficulties that transcribers encounter when doing transcriptions. People who live in different parts of the country have different accents and regional dialects. A transcriber may feel dazed and confused about the situation if she is working on audio files that contain recordings of conversations between groups of people using different accents. Even a veteran transcriber has a hard time interpreting accents that are unfamiliar to her.

3) Audio Quality

The quality of the recording also affects the difficulty of the task. Sometimes the use of low quality equipment to record transcripts affects the sound quality. In some cases the recordings have too much background noise, which makes it hard for the transcriber to understand the dialogues clearly.

4) Demands of the Clients

Professional transcribers also need to consider the demands of their clients. Some clients want a verbatim transcription (audio file is converted word for word including ‘errs’ and ‘ums’). Other clients want to have a more comprehensive transcription by omitting the insignificant words in the audio file. Whether it is a verbatim or non-verbatim translation, the transcriber must ensure that he/she will provide accurate transcription of the audio file.

5) Number of Speakers

The job is easy if there is only one speaker in the audio recording. However, if the audio file has more than one speaker, the task becomes harder. In other words, the more speakers there are, the higher the difficulties will be. Sometimes speakers need to be identified on the document being transcribed every time they speak (giving rise to a transcription that looks more like the script of a play). When it comes to the duration of the work, transcription service will take longer time than copy typing. Typically, for every hour of audio that needs to be transcribed, it will take three to four hours before the typing is complete.


From ever since the inception of civilization man have been communicating through writing from stone scratching against stones and walls to stylus on the bark of trees to The typewriter which took it to one level then the computer to yet another level.Nothing should stop you from communicating and capturing all that is said around you.

What’s the difference between typing and transcription services?

Both transcription services and copy typing involve typing tasks. However, copy typing refers to the process of converting hard copy documents (hand-written or typewriter-written), into a digital typed format (MS Word, PDF, etc.)